Pryor Entertainment is a Georgia-based independent production company that creates films, tv, and content that inspires, empowers, and educates so that others may truly live.

Pryor Entertainment (formerly Fortress Films) was founded by Scott Pryor and Laura Pryor in 2011.

Scott is a U.S. Marine Corps veteran. He is a screenwriter, producer, actor, and director known for “Take the Stand” (2011 Short), “Pale Horse” (2014 Short), “The List” (2015), “Blackbear” (2019), and “Tulsa” (2020). Pryor studied Finance, Economics, and Law in South Carolina, Minnesota, Russia and Hungary. He also works as a successful trial lawyer with his own practice in the Atlanta-Area (Scott Pryor Law).

Laura is a producer also known for “The List” (2015), “Blackbear” (2019), and “Tulsa” (2020). Laura studied Mathematical and Computer Sciences at Clemson University. Laura worked as a Software Engineer until recently focusing her efforts on film production.